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SheCharisma At a Glance

Electronic Products

Lighting Products

How Was SheCharisma Born

Kamal Afarin Yazdan Rad Company started its business in 2013 and in the spring of 2019, according to the orders of the Supreme Leader, in line with the slogan of the year, (Production Leap), it started building and setting up a factory in the field of brand electronic products production. SHE CHARISMA and entered the field of producing electronic products. Despite many ups and downs in the current economic conditions, with the help of Almighty God, the support and efforts of talented personnel of this group combined with strength and tact, and with the aim of entrepreneurship and employing young experts, within a short period of time, it was able to transfer technology and use of fully automatic machines and devices in accordance with the standards of the world to step into the arena of manufacturing and producing electronic products.



Flicker is a rapid change in the light intensity of the lamp, which may or may not be visually recognizable depending on its frequency, which is known as the biggest defect in the LED lighting system and causes severe headaches, eye fatigue and sleepiness. Shi Karisma's lighting products are completely flicker-free by using the up-to-date knowledge of specialists and guarantee the health of your eyes.

Production of quality products by a professional team

Quality Control Of SheCharisma Products

In the production process of Shi Karisma products, the quality control unit has continuous monitoring of the process to ensure that a healthy product is produced according to the requirements. The quality control experts of Shi Karisma ensure the accuracy of the products by measuring and monitoring the materials during production, using approved and calibrated equipment. At this stage, if quality experts notice an error in the product, they immediately issue an order to stop production.



Lumen is the unit of measurement of the "amount of light" of a light source and the amount of light rays created by the LED lamp. By using 130 lumen quality parts, Shi Karisma lighting products convert a higher percentage of energy into light, causing less heat generation and as a result, optimal energy consumption, and the life of the lamp is greatly increased. Lumen value from a light source is the total amount of light flux output from a light source on a closed surface

Production of quality products by a professional team

At Shekarisma, we focused on the production of high-quality electronic products. During all these years, we tried to continuously improve the performance and quality of national production with the help of experienced and specialized experts in the field of electronics. Also, we have always believed that Shikarisma customers are the main members of this big family; And with this belief, we have asked the best for our family members.